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Your Pet Provides You Companionship – Love & Fun!

Here at the Sold By Sisler Team’s Critter Corner we celebrate the bond you share with your pets. They rely on us and in return they give us everything they have – companionship, love and fun. This section is dedicated to providing helpful tips, great services and outstanding products you need to give them the best possible care. Here at Sold By Sisler Team we love our pets so much we wanted to provide this resource for your (and your pets) benefit!

Fuss-Free Grooming Tips

Speaking of care, if you have ever wrestled with a 95-pound German Shepherd in your bathtub, or your docile tabby turns into a ferocious mountain lion at the first sight of a sink full of suds, you know that grooming your pet is no easy feat. Your adventure could result in water everywhere, hair stuck in the drain and soggy pets shaking and rubbing furniture in a futile effort to dry themselves off.

Here are a few quick tips to make pet grooming less chaotic and bath-time more manageable:

  • Pets have tender, sensitive skin – use grooming products specifically designed for animals not your dandruff shampoo and conditioner. Secret Tip: To control odor, use a lightly scented fabric softener sheet and rub it gently across your animal’s coat for a nice clean fragrance.
  • Matted coats are more than an eyesore; they pose health risks to your pet like circulation problems and discomfort. If matted hair is too difficult to manage with a comb, you may need to solicit the services of a professional groomer to avoid injury.
  • Frequent baths should be avoided. You do however want to maintain your pet’s fresh clean coat. 3M provides a product called Pet Wipes for dogs, cats and other small animals to help with cleaning and deodorizing.
  • Flea and tick prevention is important. Refer to your pet’s veterinarian for suggestions for prescription and possible over-the-counter products to manage flea and tick prevention. Inspect your animal’s skin often. Telltale signs of infestation include frequent biting or scratching of the coat.
  • Don’t forget about their ears. Ears that flop over and restrict air movement into the ear can accumulate dirt and infection. Ask your vet to suggest products that are designed for inside your pet’s ears. Foul odors coming from your pet’s ears may indicate an infection. Scheduling an appointment with your vet should be strongly considered.

These tips should help you maintain your pet’s health, providing you a healthier, happier animal.

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