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For most Maryland, Northern Virignia and D.C. homebuyers, the purchase of your home may well be one of your largest lifetime investments. We empower homebuyers so you will make smart choices when it comes to buying your family's next home. Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions we receive when consulting with families just like you. It is recommended you keep this information in mind when searching for your next Maryland, Northern Virginia or D.C. area home.


Todd, why should I work with you and your team?

Know this – not all real estate agents are created equal. I have over 24 years of experience in real estate working through every type of market condition. I recommend you interview agents who are first and foremost experienced Realtors. Ask how long they have been “in the business?” Ask how familiar they are with the area and the local real estate market? What unique tools do they use for helping clients buy and sell real estate? Ask how they are different from all the other agents in the business – what makes them unique? We recommend you ask permission to speak with past clients to determine how well they served their client’s needs.

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Todd, how do we know when we have found the right home for our family?

Before we begin searching for homes, we will schedule a meeting to analyze your needs. We will ask you lots of questions during this first consultation. Be prepared to tell us why you are looking to buy a home. Many tell us they need a larger home because they are expecting a baby or they need extra space. You will need to answer questions like how many bedrooms and baths you need, how much square footage is needed for your family? I encourage you to make sure the home you choose also fits your lifestyle. Because buyers will someday soon become sellers, we ask you to consider the home’s location. Is the location conducive to a profitable resale? We'll also discuss the convenience of the location. Do you need your home to be near your office or a particular school? We recommend you make a list of your “must haves” and what you would “like to have”. As your Realtor partners, we will help you search for homes based on your families needs and preferences.


Todd, what do these terms mean: Buyer’s Market – Seller’s Market – Market Neutral?

Seller’s Market - This means the market has more buyers than homes for sale. In this market, typically, the seller will have a negotiating advantage due to a low inventory of homes. Be careful to reign in your emotions in this market. If not managed properly, the homebuying process can be an emotional “roller-coaster”. We will help you every step of the way managing all the details on your behalf. We are here to help you negotiate all offers, negotiating in your best interest. We will handle every detail to your satisfaction.

Buyer’s Market - In a buyer’s market there are many homes for sale and competition can be fierce among sellers. Because buyers can be very selective in this market, sellers should have their homes in the very best condition. The price of homes will need to be in line with the competition. Because buyers typically have an advantage in this market, don’t be tempted to “lowball” your offer when you feel you have found your perfect family home.

Balanced Market A balanced or neutral market describes a market where neither buyer nor seller has an advantage and there are an equal number of buyers and homes for sale.


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