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As residential real estate experts for Maryland, Northern Virginia and the D.C. area, we are often asked many questions from sellers wanting to maximize the sale of their home. Below is a small sampling of the most frequently asked seller questions from our clients.

  • Todd, “how can I sell my house quickly?”

There are numerous factors that go into the speed of which a home sells. Generally speaking, a house sells quickly when it has been maintained well and priced similarly to other homes selling in the area. Also, remodeled/updated homes will typically sell more quickly.

  • Todd, “how much home improvement is too much?”

Because of my extensive background the home construction business and as a Realtor, I speak from experience when I say there is generally a cap to the amount of home improvement that should be done. In other words, there are high-return improvements such as kitchen updates, bathroom and mater suite remodels. Other less-obvious upgrades may not have such significant return on your investment like building a deck or patio. It’s not a good idea to start a major remodeling project prior to placing your home up for sale. You probably won’t recoup the money you spend remodeling.

  • Kara,” is there a best time to sell my house?”

There are the typical home selling seasons that are better than others to put your house on the market. The ultimate selling factors are supply and demand and general economic conditions. Typically, the real estate market begins to pick up in earnest around mid-March and continues through the spring and early summer. Mid summer can be a slower period, mostly because homebuyers, sellers, and real estate agents alike go on summer vacation.

  • Kara, “how do I set the selling price for my home?”

When selling your home, setting the right price is essential. The Sold By Sisler Team recommends you follow these simple steps to make sure you’ve set the best price for your home:

  • As your Realtors we will review the current real estate market and price your home accordingly using our time-tested House Values Analysis tool.
  • We will take into consideration factors like square footage, number of rooms, condition of your home and location.
  • Realize this, real estate prices are dynamic. It’s critical that you base your home price on the most recent (last 6 months) comparable sales in your area.

To arrive at the right price for your Maryland, Northern Virginia or D.C. home, we recommend you use The Sold By Sisler House Values Analysis. This through analysis is a background report that helps you create a reasonable list price for your home. We offer this service at no-obligation and at no charge.

If we have a question on your mind, please contact us and we will use our vast market knowledge and experience to provide an answer to your question. If your question is used on our website, we will provide you a free gift just for submitting your question.

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