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5 Guaranteed Successful Home Seller Strategies

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Most successful home sellers attract potential homebuyers by doing the little things really well. As your Realtor partner, it is the Sold By Sisler Team’s responsibility to inform you of these 5 guaranteed success strategies and we recommend you implement these as soon as possible!

1. Fresh Clean Odors: Totally eliminate all offensive home odors. They rank as the number one reason why homes fail to receive any offers. Offensive odors include cigarette smoke, pet, mildew and unpleasant food odors. Resist futile attempts to mask these odors with perfume or other air fresheners. We recommend a total eradication of odors with thorough cleaning to produce a fresh, aroma free home.

Quick Tip: Perform a thorough cleaning. Create a warm wonderful bouquet of lightly scented fresh cut flowers in your dining or eat-in-kitchen. Families – bake some cookies!

2. Create Great Curb Appeal: Make the first glimpse of your home a memorable impression. Your goal should be to attract qualified buyers with offers in hand. It is imperative you grab your potential buyer’s attention immediately! A negative first impression will result in the potential buyer driving on to the next home on their list. Homes with peeling paint, oil-stained driveways, shabby shrubs, and weed-infested beds will never compete with an well-kept home with superior exterior appeal.

Quick Tip: Power-wash the driveway and sidewalk. Remove dead tree limbs, mow the lawn, trim the shrubs, weed and freshen up your flowerbeds with extra mulch.

3. Remove Your Pets: Fido barking as soon as the doorbell is rung will frighten buyers and possibly drive potential buyers (and their offers) away. The Sold By Sisler Team recommends you kennel your pets and you will increase the chances of attracting a potential buyer. Most buyers (and their Buyer’s agent) are frightened of pets. Others are irritated by or allergic to cat hair or dog odor. Don’t forget, threats of legal action resulting from dog bites will be totally avoided if you remove your pets (and their odor) from your home.

Quick Tip: Kennel your pet in a crate during showings and/or board your pet for their safety and the safety and respect of any potential buyers while your home is for sale (if practical).

4. Let The Sun Shine In: For majority of home buyers, bright, well-lit homes are appreciated. Our experience has taught us dark rooms with cloudy or dirty windows are a big turnoff. Window treatments made of heavy fabric drawn shut will prevent your room from reflecting a bright, open airy feeling.

Quick Tip: Clean your windows and open the curtains. Be sure to clean your windows both inside and out. If possible, replace heavy window treatments with lighter weight fabric.

5. Take A Walk: If you want to make buyers feel completely at ease while they preview your home, leave your home. We have witnessed many home sellers attempt to follow potential buyers as they peek into your storage closets and inspect your kitchen cabinets. Why not allow buyers the freedom to linger and thoroughly inspect your home if they are interested in your property.

Quick Tip: Go for a stroll and allow potential buyers the freedom to peek into closets, take pictures and talk about your home. The more senses (sight-smell-hearing-touch) homebuyers engage during their visit and the longer they remain at your home, the stronger positive impression a prospect will form about your home.

If you add these success-driven strategies to your home selling plan (smart pricing – superior marketing plan & the Sold By Sisler Team), you too will be on your way to a positive home selling outcome.

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